Sassy Girl PR: Bringing your company marketing, creativity and innovation.


Sassy Girl PR is dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.


Sassy Girl PR understands that SMM is an important part of any business’s marketing and client base development platform.


Sassy Girl PR knows that a strong visual brand helps you connect with your community and effectively convey your brand’s personality.


Sassy Girl PR will create a winning social media marketing strategy for your company.

Pricing depends on what services you use. Please see below:

(subject to change without notice)




Instagram is broken down into 3 different categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.   Then after you choose which category you fall under we can then figure out what you need to learn:  Reels, Guides, Stories, IGTV, or how to use LIVE to build your brand awareness and following.

There are some FREE workshops NOW on my Youtube Channel.  Click the link below that best suits your needs- these are for mostly beginners but I do show a trick that most don’t know in the story video. 




 Please click the ready to get started link at the bottom of this page and tell me whether you are looking for a workshop on Instagram as a beginner, intermediate or advanced.  Also mention what you would like to learn about Instagram marketing and let me know what type of business you are running so I can cater each workshop to fit your needs. 

**EACH workshop comes with enhanced PDF’s that explain what you need to know in order to use Instagram for your business.**

My package pricing is as follows:

1 topic  $150

2 topics $300  plus a FREE bonus video of tricks for stories.

3 topics $450  plus a FREE bonus video of content ideas you can use for reels.

4-5 topics $550 plus a FREE mentor class


I have 3 workshops designed to help you use this platform for brand awareness, gathering clients and connections as well as standing out from the rest. You can choose 1 workshop that you think might give you that edge, but I suggest you do all 3, since they are flow into each other quite nicely and help you use the platform as it was designed for you to use.


In this workshop you will learn:

  1. How to upload a profile photo and best practices that will help you standout
  2. Why you should set your location to the closest major city in your area and how
  3. Creative headlines that attracts the opportunities you crave
  4. Tips for creating a relevant summary


In this workshop you will learn:

  1. How to network in an organic and genuine manner
  2. How to connect with people you don’t know on Linkedin
  3. How to make sure your connections get accepted and not ignored.


  1. How to sell on LinkedIn without ads
  2. How to create a LinkedIn company page strategy for more exposure and engagement
  3. How to use LinkedIn to promote your next online workshop, product launch, or in-person event
  4. How to build your expertise using three types of video on LinkedIn

BONUS: Learn how creator mode can help build up your connections.

1 workshop:  $150

2 workshops: $350

3 workshops $500 plus FREE mentor class and also learn all the bonus things you didn’t know you could do on this platform.

Please click the ready to get started link and the bottom of this page and tell me which LinkedIn workshop you would like to do and also tell me about your business so I can create the workshop specifically to your brand. 

(Video links coming soon!)


If you would like to use Pinterest to sell a product, gain brand awareness, connect with potential customers, then I have workshops designed to help you!  This would be a 3 day workshop where we would break down each part of the platform: how to use it, what to pin, how to save pins, what are ideal pins, how to tag a product, and so forth.

The price for this workshop would be $850
You would get live mentor tutoring and also PDF’s sent to you explaining each and every part of the platform.  You would also get video links sent to you that are created to help you specifically not ones that are for “everyone”

Video links coming soon!

Please click the ready to get started link below and let me know what your business is about, what products you sell so I can cater the workshops to fit your business and make Pinterest work for your brand!

Click Here To Get Started

OTHER SERVICES Sassy Productions Can Provide:

Creating a branding social media monthly calendar with content 

This includes

Content inventory and audit  1 to 2 weeks

Content research 1 to 2 weeks

Themes to cover 3 days

Roadmap development ( calendar)  4 days

Competitor research 2 days

Content templates 2 days

$1875 -$4000  ( Depending on what the client needs)  Client would sign a contract AND pay a monthly fee ( total broken down by 12 months)

Facebook Ads:

Money that you want to spend on the Ad plus my fee of $400 ( per ad)

Instagram Stories ONLY: $350 per story / REELS ONLY: $500 per reel / Guide $225 per guide

Instagram and Pinterest Ads:

money that you want to spend on the Ad plus my fee of $425.00 (per ad)

( will be able to get on Facebook and Instagram at the same time)


 When a client asks us to provide a price for our services, the first thing we do is determine which options the client wants – and also what might be needed instead – and how important those options are to the company.