What makes your brand different?

What it teaches us:
The story we need to tell on social platforms. The value proposition that matters most to their customers becomes the backbone of our content strategy.

Current Initiatives on Social : What does your current social media marketing program look like? What platforms does your brand have a presence on?

What it teaches us:
Where they sit on the social brand roadmap. How successful have their efforts been, and where has it fallen short? It also begins to get them thinking about what their goals really are.

Customers (and Audience): Who are your target audience segments and customers?

What it teaches us:
Once we know who we’re looking for (in their words), it becomes a whole lot easier to find their audience. More importantly, it becomes easier to plan the content that they’ll care about. We’ll follow up audience discovery conversations with deeper research on audience size and behaviors broken out by social channel.


Objectives: What are your specific, measurable goals for social media marketing?

What it teaches us:
In a small business, startup company, or non-profit, it’s common for social media programs to begin without defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Conversations about what success “feels like” help us understand if a brand is looking to maintain a brand image, or drive double digital engagement growth quarter-over-quarter.

Largely, we’re hoping to understand if success ties back to branding goals (awareness, recognition), direct response goals (traffic, leads, registrations, sign-ups), community engagement (audience growth, engagement), or a little bit of everything. More often than not, the answer is the latter.

Vision: Tell us about your brand’s vision?

What it teaches us:
Having your external team aligned with your internal vision is uber important for long-term success. To get to Point B from Point A, we need to first understand Point C (the end game).
A concrete vision helps us determine whether we’re building a base for market domination and global expansion, or simply social media stability.