If you haven’t heard, Facebook is going back to it’s “roots” by diminishing the “Newsfeed” and simply having everyone see more of their family and friends updates.  Panic has set in for small businesses. The truth is, we really don’t know what is going to happen and how the timeline is going to look yet.  But if you want to start looking for ways to get around the new look of Facebook, here are 9 ways to do just that.

1) You can also ask fans to change the settings for how they view your page’s posts. From your page, visitors can click on the “Following” tab under your cover photo and set the “In Your News Feed” to “See First.” This will show your posts first on the fan’s news feed, ensuring that no matter when they log onto their Facebook profile, they will see your posts.
2)Boost old posts – edit them to fit what you need. But pick ones that have great organic reach.
3) Do Ad campaigns. – these differ from boosts.
4) Videos. This is the hot topic right now. Everyone is doing videos.  Make a video of good content that is under 2 and half minutes.
5)Use your personal page to get your family and friends on board with your business page. Do short videos where you tell everyone on your personal page what you are up too and where they can share it.
6) Share that content from your business page to your personal.
7) Make your personal page public where people can follow you. But just remember to change the privacy settings when posting.
8) Now is a great time to go to Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.
9) Send email newsletters that show exclusive content will be on Facebook to get them to the page.