If you have noticed, since the “changes” Facebook has made to the algorithm, there have all of a sudden been an up swing on the amount of “sponsored ads” you see in your timeline. Not only that, but ads by people “claiming” they have the magic formula for your business page or how to get millions of leads, followers and business. Don’t fall victim to those sponsor ads! First off, you can tell how legit a person is simply by checking out their own Facebook page. If they have thousands of followers/fans, they SHOULD always have GREAT engagement themselves. Secondly, all these ads want to do is hijack your email address for their lists. I signed up on two of them, just to see what would happen and my claim is correct! I was bombarded with email after email and the information they shared was nothing new. Also, the information they were sharing was not up-to-date so therefore, it could not help me.

I don’t want your email address, nor do I want to deceive you with information just to get you to follow my page on Facebook either. That’s not how I work nor operate. I love educating others about social media. Here is what you need to know about the algorithm on Facebook.

Posts that spark and inspire conversations and meaningful interactions among people will be prioritized over public content in the news feed after this update (this aligns with Facebook’s existing news feed values).
Examples include:
* More content from friends and family
* Posts from friends and family that seek advice or recommendations
* News articles or videos that prompt people to discuss and interact
Posts that don’t inspire meaningful conversations or interactions among people will be seen less in the news feed. Engagement-bait tactics that encourage people to comment on posts aren’t considered “meaningful” interaction and pages that use them will continue to be demoted in the news feed.
Here are some other types of content that will rank higher in the feed.
Comments are more valuable than Likes. Meaning content that inspires comments, specifically, long comments which actually take time and thought to type out will be a positive ranking signal for the algorithm which will lead to increased distribution of the content which sparked the lengthy response.
News content that’s shared and talked about among friends will receive some sort of “tailwind” from the changes in the way the news feed prioritizes content.

Social Media is meant to do 3 things: 1) Help us stay in touch with family and friends 2) Network with others and 3) Build our relationships. If you aren’t doing any of those, then you aren’t using social media for it’s purpose. For any questions or advice, you can find me on here: Sassy Productions Inc.