Content marketing has been a buzzword in digital marketing world for over 6 years now.
One of the biggest reasons people fail at content marketing is they don’t understand what it is. It’s not just your weekly blog post or your social media status updates. It’s everything.  It’s your  website,  blog, newsletters, videos and your social media marketing. If you’re using only one avenue, then you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity.
Don’t put all your eggs in your social media marketing basket and expect to expand. If you’re not going to bring out your A game, then there’s no point in taking part of the content marketing bandwagon.
 You can’t just create content and guess the best way to market it. You need a plan that details everything from content creation to promotion. Content should have a purpose- it’s not just material you post because you had a few minutes of spare time or because you hired someone who says they know how to “Create Content.”  In this day in age, EVERYONE knows HOW to create content, but everyone doesn’t UNDERSTAND HOW to market that content. That is a BIG difference!
  Content marketing doesn’t work if you’re sporadically creating content throughout the year. The key to effective content marketing is the marketing; which almost ALL corporations, brands, small business and athletes don’t get.   If you have great content that people want to read, see, experience, and feel, then you need to KNOW the keys to content marketing.  Knowing your message also helps refine and target your content, so it’s not all over the place. Your message is part of your strategy and should be targeted to your specific audiences. Not everyone will be your audience. Not everyone will buy-in to what you are selling.   Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. ( Resource: Content Marketing Institute)
Key 1: Create a strong brand image that will appeal to and, have a powerful effect on your target audience.
Key 2: To implement a successful content marketing campaign, you need to identify the purpose of the content you’re creating.
Key 3: You cannot be creating and sharing content randomly without knowing who you are writing and marketing to, which is why it is important that you identify your audience.
Key 4: How you distribute content to your audience is critical to your marketing success.
Key 5: Great content marketing focuses on the customer.


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