What is with people’s obsession to video important information while in a car?
Why should I take anyone seriously when they aren’t taking the time to find the correct location to video something that is “important”? It could be good content and that content could go viral,  but it looks crappy as hell being recorded in a freaking car! If you want to be taken seriously you don’t record it in a car- location makes all the difference between looking and sounding professional.

Think about this: Impressions online are made within seconds. Why would you want a potential customer to think you are unprofessional in that impression they are making as to what they are seeing online? Looks unfortunately matter most when they are online- that means people are looking at your hair, outfits, face, teeth, smile, how you carry yourself, and everything else that they can see!  That means when you are recording a video,  they are looking at whatever is behind you, next to you, near you…  make the location just as important as the message you are sending in the video.  Try and take the video in a room that has a blank wall so that the viewers focus on YOU! Try and take the video near some art, or even outdoors.

The point is, we want to listen to every word you are saying, so don’t let us viewers be distracted by the location in your video.  STOP taking videos in cars!