Social Media is ALWAYS going to be a place where people who are hiding behind a device feel they have a right to say what they want because of freedom of speech. My advice has always been if you don’t like what someone said on social media just keep scrolling- stop giving these people what they want which is attention by commenting.

About 98% of folks who post stuff would never say what they post to your face- social media makes folks crave attentionin.  In 2020 keep scrolling!  When we don’t let what others say get to us and they don’t get attention- the message is clear.

People believe so much crap they see online – it’s ridiculous! But if you post positivity and the more people post positivity instead of focusing on that negative- look how the landscape changes! Positivity breeds positivity as negativity breeds more negativity- and on social media we should build up the community not keep letting folks tear it down.

If you are wanting more followers on your platforms in 202o, you basically need to work on creating engaging content and then you will attract the correct followers. You need quality over quantity when it comes to followers. Numbers don’t mean anything if you don’t have followers who will refer you and your business. Numbers don’t mean as much as they used to and many platforms are cracking down on fake bots, fake followers, and fake profiles.

Always make sure that you have a profile picture- about 98% of those fake bots, don’t have a profile picture.  Also make sure that you are posting weekly. In 2020, the algorithm on most sites will be changing again, so you want to be seen as an active user.  You are seen as an active user on Instagram, for example, by not just posting, but by doing stories, uploading video to IGTV, liking/commenting on other profiles… etc.   Instagram is a lot of work.  It’s more than just posting. 

Make sure that your posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also engaging.  You don’t need 5 minutes of video. You need engaging short videos to gain engagement.  There are many video apps that you can download and use to create some outstanding videos for your feeds.  Spend time of them and you will knock 2020 out of the park!