Social media will never stay the same- it develops and changes weekly.  Here are some updates on some of the platforms that businesses and alike use:


Youtube:  They plan to take on Tiktok later on this year with their version called, “Shorts”

Instagram: You can now get your DM’s on your desktop/laptop. IGTV monetization is officially here, with monetization options rolling out to a very select number of channels at the beginning of this month.   Some businesses have the “power” to do Instagram ads in stories. This eventually will be rolled out to all.

Twitter: Twitter has removed a privacy feature that allowed all users to stop sharing some private information with advertisers. The setting prevented Twitter from sharing information like the ads you saw or interacted with and the tracking identifier for your phone.

Facebook:  They released a couples only Direct Messaging App. Not sure if anyone will really be using this except those who wish to cheat on their partner.

Pinterest: Just started giving some businesses early access to Story Pins.  SO they are now getting on board with using “stories”

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