Instagram is testing and launching multiple new features starting today that are aimed at making the platform a more positive space. They are rolling out the ability to delete up to 25 comments at once and also block or restrict multiple accounts at the same time. They have been testing these features and found that they especially helped people with larger followings maintain a “positive environment.”

They also are rolling out if people want everyone, only people they follow, or no one to be able to tag or mention them in a comment, caption, or story. This tool is available from the privacy settings page. It’s  also testing the ability to pin comments to the top of a post. This allows creators to highlight conversations.

Instagram says the tools are also designed to “fight against online bullying,” which could affect anyone, not just influencers with major reach. Until Instagram can automatically determine when it’s happening, people are going to have to rely on the platform’s moderation tools and reporting mechanisms to keep the platform safe.