I’m sure I like this feature. It makes the purpose of twitter which is free conversation seem as though it will no longer happen.

Twitter has said that it has begun testing a new setting that lets users limit who can reply to tweets. Similar to Facebook’s post view settings, the current implementation features a small glove icon in the corner. Tapping on it brings up a “Who Can Reply?” window. From there, users can pick from one of three options: Everyone, People You Follow and Only People You Mention. If you opt for either of the latter, the reply function will be greyed out for all who don’t fit the description. They can view, like and retweet the thing, but they won’t be able to reply directly to the sender.

Anyone and everyone can reply directly to a tweet — and that’s not always ideal for the sender. Replies can often devolve into a sea of abusive responses, regardless of subject matter. Until now, the only way to limit them was to lock an account.  The move follows other recent attempts to revamp replies, including threaded responses. It’s clear the issue has become a top priority for the service in recent years.

We shall see – earlier this year Instagram took steps to curb cyberbullying.