If you haven’t noticed lately, things are changing on social media.  Well, the platforms are changing how you use them, they are adding new tools, and the algorithms are also changing how you get engagement.

People ask me how can I build my brand using social media all the time.  Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to do just that:

  1. Don’t focus on building a following- focus on creating engaging content. When you do that that the followers come – you want followers that are buy your product or use your service- you don’t want the lookers – you want the doers.
  2. Don’t sell your business- email them by wanting to HELP their business succeed. I do it this way and have high success rate landing the company as a client.
  3. For Instagram in order to get engagement you now need a strategy that contains mixing it up using all the tools within the app. That’s where your success within Instagram now lies.
    BUT get ready for more changes – Keywords are coming to Instagram. You will be able to search Instagram via keywords instead of accounts/hashtags. This will apply to IGTV and Reels as well. And the value of hashtags are also going to change.
  4.  LinkedIn is a place for professionals to connect. The problem lies within HOW people use the platform. The one thing that mostly all do is that once they make a “connection” to you then send you an unsolicited annoying Direct Message looking for a business sale.  The point isn’t just that unsolicited sales messages can be annoying–though they often are. Sure, sometimes they actually offer something of value, but only when they’re targeted to the right audience. The problem is, these messages never are. I’m not the ideal candidate for whatever they’re selling.  The message that your brand is sending you is that,  “I’m not actually interested in a relationship because I couldn’t be bothered to learn anything about you. I’m really just interested in a sale.”  The one way to get people to refer you and your brand on LinkedIn is this: BUILD THE RELATIONSHIP.  The more you focus on getting to know people through their posts and now their stories on the app, the more likely you are to get a referral or a sale.


Look for my next blog post on the trends you will be seeing in 2021.