The social media network is keeping track of your online activity, even after you’ve closed out of the app, thanks to a feature called, “Off-Facebook Activity.” Whether you’re scouring Google Maps, Safari, playing a game on your phone, etc., Facebook may be taking note. But, don’t panic, as there is a way to fix it with just the flip of a switch. Or an online switch at that.

How to turn off “Off-Facebook Activity” From your phone, go into ‘Settings and Privacy.” Then, select “Settings.” From there, scroll down until you see “Your Facebook Information” and select “Off-Facebook Activity.” If you want to turn off the setting, tap “More Options” and “Manage Future Activity.” You’ll then be prompted to select “Manage Future Activity” again, and from there, tap the switch to off, next to “Future Off-Facebook Activity.” Then you’re all set! If you want to clear the history that’s already been stored, just return to the “Off-Facebook Activity” screen and select “Clear History.

Why do they track you? For the delivery of Ads of course.  They are not keeping tabs on your bank account, your email, and so forth.  This is basically due to the IOS 14 update which lets iphone users opt out of receiving Ads through Facebook.  ( you may still be tracked from Amazon or Google, but no longer Facebook)  that’s all this “off- Facebook Activity means, so there’s no need to go “crazy” over it. – So if you see folks spreading misinformation on Facebook about this,  send them here to read this.   Oh, sorry to say that this may have a little effect on Andriod users, as they were not the reason for this update, only those have iphones.