LinkedIn has added some changes that make it look closer to Twitter in the way where you can now be in control as to who may and who may not reply or comment on their posts.

LinkedIn says that while the app is more restrictive in some ways than Twitter, however, it was important to give more control to the users who may not want every other LinkedIn follower of theirs to comment on their post. Sometimes users need to ask for some advice from a certain group of people only, so they can choose to let that group reply only on their post by changing the settings a bit.

There are many times when users are not even looking for any replies on their posts. ( I am not sure why since it’s called SOCIAL MEDIA)  Instead, they just want to make a statement, so they can now choose to control that also by not allowing anyone to comment on their post. You can do this on BOTH: the app and the desktop.

the platform has added a new unfollow option, which is somewhat close to blocking someone or some page from your feed.

The three dots (…) that appear on the right-hand side of a post, when you can click on them, a toolbox of various options will open for you. These options will include things like letting you save the post to view later or hide the post from your feed, and even an option lets you report the post too if it is offensive in any way.   This option is on BOTH the app and desktop.

Stay tuned for the LinkedIn Workshop I am putting together.  The platform has done a complete 180 change, and with this workshop can guide you through all the changes and how to make the most of your marketing efforts on LinkedIn.  Look for my announcement sometime in February.