Heads up to all those who like to reuse your content you create on TikTok and then place it on Reels…. Instagram wants people to stop posting recycled TikToks to Reels. Today, Instagram says it’s making changes to its algorithm to not promote any Reels video that has the TikTok watermark ( meaning you need to use apps that make the watermark disappear)

Instagram now recommends that Reels users post vertical videos that use music found in Instagram’s library or sounds that they find on Reels. They also suggest “starting a trend” that others can participate in, like dance crazes, as well as “entertaining” and “fun” content. Reels that are mostly covered by text, are blurry, have a watermark or logo, or have a border around it won’t be recommended as frequently.

They are getting better at using ranking signals that help us predict whether people will find a reel entertaining and whether they should recommend it.