Addison Rae, a TikTok influencer, was on The Tonight Show, last month teaching Jimmy Fallon how to dance. the segment became slightly mired in controversy as it emerged that many of the dances performed by Rae were created by younger influencers, many of whom are Black. Addison said that she credited the creators of the dances on her channel but that The Tonight Show didn’t.


Pinterest is putting content creators on the hook for keeping their channels positive, fact-based and kind in a move the platform hopes will win over advertisers. the social media platform shared a new set of guidelines called The Creator Code, which requires users who have business accounts — called “Creators” — to agree to before posting content.

Creators have to agree that the content they are about to post adheres to five points: Be kind, check facts, be aware of triggers, practice inclusion and do no harm. Pinterest is also rolling out a fund to pay some creators for posting to the platform as well as new content moderation tools. This will all roll out in the coming weeks.

An interesting note: Facebook and YouTube are the most popular social media sites despite the recent public backlash against social media.

A new survey indicates both tech companies are dominating the landscape with 81% of responders using YouTube and 69% using Facebook