Instagram is going all-in on creators. The company is working on a suite of new tools to help influencers make money off its platform, including creator shops, affiliate commerce and a “branded content marketplace.”

Creator Shops would be an extension of the company’s existing shopping features, which allows businesses to sell products. “We see a lot of creators setting up shops too, and one part of being a content creator business model is you create great content, and then you can sell stuff, and so having creator shops is awesome. The company is working on tools that would enable Instagram stars to get paid for promoting products.

Instagram is working on a “branded content marketplace” that would help match influencers with sponsors. Zuckerberg noted that such a tool could help enable up and coming talent to monetize and help create a kind of “creator middle class.”

ringing these kinds of tools into Instagram could make it easier to land deals. But it would also give Instagram more control over its creator ecosystem, and incentivize influencers to spend more time on Instagram than other platforms.