More news on changes coming to your favorite social media platforms.


TWITTER: What additional Twitter features would you pay for to enhance your in-app experience?

A forthcoming subscription service from Twitter will be called Twitter Blue and cost $3 a month. It’s unclear when Twitter’s subscription service will roll out, but the company has tested features like undoing tweets, a charge to use dashboard app Tweetdeck and Super Follows, which would let you follow a creator or publisher for a monthly subscription fee and get exclusive content. Twitter Blue would provide access to new tools like Collections for Bookmarks, which would enable users to categorize their saved tweets into topic folders.


INSTAGRAM: Want to create posts on the desktop?

Most of Instagram’s features have been exclusive to its mobile app, including one of its core functionalities – the ability to create and edit posts. Instagram is about to let you create and edit posts from the desktop site.  The desktop site will let you drag and drop photos and videos, crop, apply filters, tag people and locations, and the overall UI looks quite similar to the app’s. There’s no word on when this will happen, but expect it soon.

Are you wanting to grow your Instagram profile?

The real-time video broadcasting gives the audience a video call experience of the Live session. They can like or comment on the video, and you can selectively pin comments on your screen for all of your audience to see. Your live feed streams are an unedited face of you. This builds trust in your viewers. Responses and reactions invoked by your video are likewise organic and spontaneous. This makes Instagram Live a crowd-puller that attracts both existing and potential followers to your feed. As with other Instagram features, the number of Instagram Live likes, shares, and comments you receive add to your account’s overall engagement counts, provide social proof, thereby helping to promote your profile on the platform.