By now you have already learned that in 2021, Instagram is constantly changing, adding new features and new tools almost every week.

The next one is the big one for business accounts and creators:  Instagram launched new Insights for Reels and Live on its Professional Dashboard, giving businesses and creators essential data about the reach of their content. These tools will help Reels catch up with its competitor TikTok, which already offers users detailed analytics. As Instagram and TikTok continue trying to keep up with one another, it can only be a good thing for influencers and small businesses that use these platforms to bolster their income.

Previously, Instagram creators could only view publicly available metrics, like the views, likes or comments on a Reel. Now, they will be able to access data like Accounts Reached, Saves and Shares for their Reels. Instagram will also share the number of Peak Concurrent Viewers that tune in to watch their Live videos. Plus, in the Account Insights section of the app, Instagram will add breakdowns that show users what kinds of accounts they are reaching, and which content formats are generating their strongest engagement.


LinkedIn has launched a handful of new features and tools aimed at helping marketers target the right audience with their content, as well as analytics to measure impact.

First up, the Microsoft-owned company has introduced a new “boost” button that quickly transforms an organic post into a paid ad — this could help give a post that’s already performing well additional exposure, for example.

It was already possible to transition an organic post into a paid ad, but it required using LinkedIn’s campaign management tools, and entailed significantly more steps and expertise. The boost button, on the other hand, can be used by anyone directly from their company’s LinkedIn page.