It appears that Instagram is finally allowing users to upload media directly from a desktop browser.

Since its inception, posting to Instagram has been an app only affair. If you want to upload photos from your desktop computer, then you’re simply out of luck unless you have access to a tool such as Facebook’s Creator Studio. ( Not everyone has this option yet) it allows you to upload multiple photos and videos with no obvious quality loss compared to using the regular Instagram app.

News from Twitter:

To better meet the needs of advertisers who rely heavily on quality video views and video completion rates, we’re rolling out a ‘15-second (15s) view’ buying model that prioritizes for engaged, longform views on their content. This new bid unit is built to optimize for delivering 15-second or completed views, whichever comes first, and early testing has shown that it drives Twitter’s highest video completion rates yet.

Because of the unique nature of 15s view bidding on Twitter, this new bid unit also comes with some brand new reporting metrics in Twitter Ads Manager to help advertisers more effectively measure against their KPIs:

  • Cost per 15s video view: Total spend divided by the number of views that reach at least 15s
  • 15s video views: These ad views only count when your video is watched either 15 seconds or for 95% of the total duration
  • 15s video view rate: This rate is calculated by dividing 15s video views by impressions

Starting today, the 15s view bid unit will be the new default bid unit for all campaigns under the Video Views objective and available to all advertisers globally. Try it out and let us know what you think! And stay tuned — we’ll be rolling out the same buying model for Pre-roll Views campaigns later this year.


One key difference between LinkedIn and other social media platforms is that when visitors log into LinkedIn, they expect to be sold to more than on the other social media platforms. They expect you to do business on LinkedIn, and therefore, when the pitch comes on LinkedIn, it’s not a shock.

Of course, you still need to work on building a relationship with your audience. Just because someone is expecting to be sold to doesn’t mean you don’t need to earn the right to do the selling by providing value first. But there’s a little less pressure, as the expectation has already been set.

Additionally, the LinkedIn algorithm handles links on posts differently from other social platforms. Facebook has said on record that they sometimes suppress posts with links that would take people away from the platform. Their goal is to keep people on their platform as long as possible. In contrast, LinkedIn has no such mission. They don’t suppress posts containing outside links, making it easier to provide value and resources to your audience.

You have Cold Visitors / Warm Visitors / Hot Visitors  that come to profile daily.
Cold – they have not been exposed at all to your brand

Warm- they have a little exposure to your brand

Hot- they not only know your brand but has interacted with you

The best tip to hit on all 3 of these audiences is simply this:

Showcase the Right Content in Your LinkedIn Featured Section

On your LinkedIn profile, you can speak to people at different points in the journey through the content you showcase in the Featured section, which appears right below your About section. In this section, you can share LinkedIn posts, link to off-platform content, and upload relevant documents or images.  You can feature, a link to another resource or something of value but off of LinkedIn—such as a link to a YouTube video or a blog post—can help further that relationship.

I will be releasing LinkedIn Workshops July 28th – if interested, contact me: