Twitter has updated its platform to prevent auto-refreshing of users’ feeds that caused some tweets to “disappear” while they were reading them.

According to Twitter, they made this change because, “We know it’s a frustrating experience” when tweets disappeared from view mid-read, and the fix is now rolling out to Twitter’s web platform. Users will be able to load new tweets by clicking on a tweet counter bar that will appear at the top of their timelines above existing tweets in their feed.”

Instagram is asking some users to provide a video selfie showing multiple angles of their face to verify that they’re a real person, according to screenshots posted to Twitter.  The social network has long struggled with bot accounts, which can leave spam messages, harass people, or be used to artificially inflate like or follower counts. A followup tweet from Meta-owned Instagram says it’s asking suspicious accounts to verify they’re human, not bots.

The company also reiterated that the feature doesn’t use facial recognition, and said that Instagram teams review the videos. Instagram says that “one of the ways” video selfies are used is to help curtail bots, leaving the door open for other uses.