Twitter has come out of the gate in 2022 swinging!

Twitter launched a new feature that allows users to retweet a post with a video reacting to the content. Testing on iOS: when you tap the Retweet icon, choose ‘Quote Tweet with reaction’ to create and customize your very own Tweet Take –– a reaction video (or photo) with the Tweet embedded.  he feature is similar to TikTok’s reaction video feature, which Instagram recently launched as well for its Reels product.

Twitter is also still working on Spaces Recordings, a feature that will let hosts share tweets with audio recordings of past Spaces. Now, when hosts share the recordings, they’re able to see how many listeners joined live, as well as how many people replayed the recording after the fact. When a Space is being recorded, users in the live space will see a “Rec” button with a red dot next to it. If a host shares the recording later, they can edit the start time so that future listeners don’t have to hear minutes of dead air if the Space didn’t start right away. When listening to a recorded Space, users can see who’s talking and who was in the room, similar to in a live Space.  Some hosts on iOS have the option to record their Spaces and anyone can listen to and share the recording from the Spaces card. The option to record a Space is available for some hosts on both iOS and Android. The option to listen to a recording of a Space is available for everyone on iOS, Android, and now web!


Last week folks had a problem with Instagram stories and not being able to see how many views they got.  If that EVER happens again, here is what to do about that problem:

  • Close the app and open it again.

First, try completely shutting down your app. On an iPhone, do this by swiping up on your homepage.

  • Log out of the app.

Some users have reported that logging out of the app and then logging back in again has fixed their Instagram.

  • Turn your phone off.

It’s the oldest trick in the book, and sometimes all you’ve got to do is turn your phone off and on again.

  • Delete the app.

You could also try deleting your app and then re-downloading it again from the App Store. But before you do, make sure you remember your log in information or you will have to reset your password.


LinkedIn is rolling out a new events platform, where it will be listing, hosting and marketing interactive, virtual live events. It is starting out first with an audio-only product that it will be launching this month in beta, followed by a video version that it will launch in the spring, initially targeting Creators that use LinkedIn as organizers and hosts.

With virtual events finding a lot of traction in the last couple of years of pandemic life, the plan for now is for LinkedIn’s new events product to be an all-virtual offering, and to open up the format to be shaped by those running the events themselves. LinkedIn has over the last year been experimenting with other features that it might add to this events service, such as a paid, ticketed option that it started testing in September last year — although for now, interactive events are being launched as a free service, with no plans for ticketing at this point.