Facebook advertising has one of the largest and most diverse audiences on the internet. If marketers can tap into even a fraction of that audience successfully, the business has the great chance to benefit from it.
But as times change, so does Facebook.   Here are the trends to keep an eye on as you use the platform for your business:
1) Video Continues to Dominate
IF you are searching for engagement, then the video format is exactly what you need to gain attention.  Video today accounts for almost half the time users spend on Facebook.
2) Ads need to fit the mobile phone apps
On Facebook specifically, 98.5% of users access the platform via a mobile phone. This staggering figure means advertisers, who typically work on desktops, must ensure their ads fit and function with a mobile audience in mind first and foremost
3) Facebook stories are now as hot as Instagram stories
  A massive 300 million people use stories on Facebook each day, and the potential to turn this attention into profitable action is enticing. And yes, some businesses can do ads in stories. The Instagram stories though have the link you can add, Facebook still does not have that feature.
If you would like some more tips, here is a #podcast I did a week ago with tips and tricks on #socialmedia
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