Instagram is continuing to grow and grow in 2022.

First, they fix the feed, next they focused on creators, then they added the link for all in stories.  Now the news is that they are done with IGTV since they are focusing directly on Reels.

Instagram says that it’s getting rid of the standalone IGTV app as “part of [its] efforts to make video as simple as possible to discover and create.” The post also says that any videos in the main app will have a full-screen viewer and tap-to-mute, and that Instagram is working on a consistent way to share the different types of videos (such as video posts or Reels). The company is also planning on “testing a new ad experience on Instagram, which will allow creators to earn revenue from ads displayed on their reels” later this year.
Not only are they dumping the IGTV app, if you haven’t noticed already, IGTV option is off the feed.

Also, Instagram still insists that they are not going to build a separate app for all those millions of iPad users (including me)  How absurd is it that iPad users either have to settle for an iPhone-sized Instagram app experience on their tablet or must succumb to browsing the platform on a web browser.

Now, as I surf the web a lot looking for lost social media souls, I came across a few that needed some tips.  Here are some tips for all of you IG users:

  1. Hashtags- STOP putting them into the comment section. You are not helping your cause by doing so- it belongs after the caption. Also STOP using 30.   This has been said for the past 3 years, but seriously, the CEO came out about a month or so ago and told everyone 3-5 ( 7 is my magic number)
  2. Stories –  If you use them then set up highlights on your profile grid. Stories are mini-marketing tools that can help your business or brand in so many ways.  They also ways to market live for 24 hours.  These help create an identity, which most are missing.
  3. Templates- If you use them, STOP. Seriously.  Your Instagram template will never be unique, and with the number of businesses competing for attention, your page should not look like everyone else’s. Also, no one wants to see picture-perfect IG pages! They want real pages, with real images and real ideas.