Instagram is introducing Favorites and Following, two new ways to choose what you see in your feed. Favorites shows you the latest posts from a list of specific accounts that you choose, and Following shows you posts from people you follow.

Favorites shows you the latest from accounts that you choose, like your best friends and favorite creators. In addition to this view, posts from accounts in Favorites will also show up higher in your home feed. Following shows you posts from the people you follow. Both Favorites and Following will show you posts in chronological order, so you can quickly catch up on recent posts.

To use Favorites and Following, tap on Instagram in the top left corner of your home page to choose what you see. Your Favorites list is private to you and will not be visible to anyone else.

Also to note: Instagram is bringing back a version of its news feed that sorts posts in reverse chronological order rather than ranked according to the platform’s algorithms. However, the company said it will leave its algorithm ranking method on by default.