It’s been 1 week exactly since my Instagram account was hijacked by a loser and Meta/Instagram have given hackers and scammers the keys to everyone’s businesses on their platforms.

They don’t seem to care that small businesses use their platforms, which they want to see as a business hub a place for e-commerce.  But they fail to understand that when businesses give their keys to their castles, they are to be securely protected against those who want to destroy it.

Facebook and Instagram both have the poorest security and a non-existent customer support in an era where businesses rely on social media for their businesses to be successful.  They only seem to care about celebrities, athletes, and big corps who spend millions of dollars on ads and not the little guys who are the bread and butter of their platforms.

They claim they care about creators but they only care about the creators they hire and use on their own platforms.

If you are a small business or brand I would seriously think about getting off their platforms.
Don’t let the idea that well, I get clients from them keep you on the platforms.  The risk of staying on a poorly secure platform outweigh the rewards.  You don’t want to lose EVERYTHING you have worked for in an instant.

If it can happen here, it can happen to you.

Then what?



I strongly urge you to use Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Nextdoor and Google My Business – they are 10x better plus they have better customer service and security features.

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