Last week LinkedIn introduced two new controls that let users filter what they do and don’t want to see in their feed. Plus a new way to follow people from within the feed.

Next, the algorithm has been updated to show people “more targeted activity” from their network, so they’ll have more opportunities to join conversations that matter to them. They also took aim at low-quality content. The new algorithm will down-rank content that encourages others to engage via likes or reactions, and will be showing fewer polls created by people you don’t know in favor of polls created by people in your network.
So what does this have to do with you updating your profile?

Your skills change. So should your LinkedIn profile.  You really need to keep it clean and fresh every 3 months. As it was written in Entrepreneur magazine,  “A polished LinkedIn profile should reflect not only who you are, but what you can do. If you allow it to go too long without a tune-up, it runs the risk of stagnating and presenting you in a lackluster light.”

Your feed and news stories depend on what you list in your profile in interests, experiences, and associated industries. Your feed will reflect what you have focused on in your profile as the highest areas of priority.

In the marketing world, capitalizing on a timely trend can reap all kinds of rewards, and you can rest assured that you are staying up to date by simply keeping your LinkedIn profile today and up-to-date.  Gaining or losing an ideal opportunity could depend on how your profile presents itself. If you let your profile go stale for a few weeks or months, you might fail to make the kind of positive impression you need for someone researching you.

To also add, LinkedIn is testing a feature that will allow you to reduce political content in your feed.