As I am writing my #socialmedia course, which will be released soon, I have come across information that I believe most don’t even know exists.  That is what the most hacked app is and why.

“Instagram is the most hacked social media platform. The volume of searches for “how to hack Instagram” far exceeded the corresponding number for every other app tested. The most commonly hacked apps make extensive use of cloud storage. Hackers, it seems, are betting on the fact that even tech giants don’t know how to ensure cloud security. Instagram is highly vulnerable to the most common types of cyberattack, and especially to phishing and other types of spoofing attacks, and especially when used over a public WiFi network. In other words, Instagram is targeted because it is easy to compromise. Instagram is a temptation for hackers because it is integrated with many other apps. Instagram as a company, prides itself on how well its app works with other parts of your phone’s ecosystem. It’s not the data stored in Instagram that makes it a target. Instead, the app is merely a back-door into other apps that store sensitive information for everyday people.”

With this in mind, my serious question is, “Why then would you want your business on an app that is easily hackable and could cause you a great deal of financial problems?  Facebook isn’t any better, since they have tried to integrate Instagram and Facebook messaging together. But on the scale of being hacked, Facebook is number eight.  Oh, if you never want to me hacked on Facebook, the best thing to do is to make your friends list privacy setting to “only me”

The reason that people on Facebook get hacked is because it’s much easier to trick folks into thinking that it is you asking for money.

There are better and more secured social media apps that work well for marketing your business. The short list is:

1) LinkedIn 2) Tiktok 3) NextDoor 4) Pinterest

Twitter and Youtube are good and the security is a little bit better than Instagram but they do get hacked from time to time.

ALWAYS make sure that your passwords are secure and that they are not pet names, favorite athletes, easy ones like 123abc, make sure you mix up capitals, lowercase, special signs, and did you know that you can also use the space bar as part of your password?