People assume that their business isn’t conducive to building a fandom. The fact is every business can create a fandom by building personal relationships with their customers/clients. Here is the most important thing to realize about social media:  Relationships are more important than the products/services we sell to them.

Content that we see as an example is: 10% off/free shipping/… etc….

This approach means that these companies are forced to focus on product when they should be focused on the people. You build a fan base (a tribe) by interacting with people. Meaningful human connection is the fundamental ingredient for true fandom. Focus on peoples passion for ____________________ ( fill in the blank)

Bond with your customers/clients by taking an interest in the things they love when you build personal relationships with existing a potential customers/clients and build their fandom. The human connection brings loyalty. For example we’re not just here to sell coffee, we’re here to talk about coffee. A fandom is a result of doing what you love and if you bring forth that passion and share it with others, it’s possible to create a Phenomenon– a fandom.

The new motto of social media is ongoing quantity of quality content. Immerse yourself into your audiences world – be attentive and active. Companies need to actually invest the time to interact. Audience interaction is the vital difference between videos and content that attract millions of views and others that attract none.

The problem is that most companies and businesses are so focused on posting and not focused on interacting that they fail to understand the type of content that they should be putting out there. The big corporations, and even the small ones, assign the social media responsibilities solely to either a social media manager or to someone who works in the office. They do this without giving them any context as to what the heart and soul of the brand is and with no training or access to making connections. For viral storytelling to be successful you need EVERYONE involved and fully engaged, not just the person doing the social media.

You can go weeks without posting and STILL be a success! How? By investing in your audience’s culture. Observing them, listening (reading) to their conversations, and then becoming part of their online communities. This is where you start your connection. Not by using Facebook groups to only sell your products or looking to see if they are looking for recommendations, but to immerse yourself in that particular group. So many businesses fail to do this and they think well if I hire someone they can do this for me!
I don’t know your customers/clients and frankly your business like you do.
You know what makes them tick, what makes them react, what information they need, etc. The only way to truly grasp and get a hold on your target audience is for you to do the work. I will help you and guide you, but you will be doing the leg work.

But I don’t have time or I am technology challenged!

If your business means the world to you then guess what? You learn.
You learn whatever it is that you need to learn to make it work for you.

Successful people understand that to ignite a spark in another, they must first ignite that spark in themselves. We never stop learning. The moment we do that, is the moment we are finished. Learning equals growth. That’s why some businesses grow and expand, and the rest fail.


Learn HOW to build relationships on social

Learn HOW to create content that is engaging

Learn HOW to use social media to your advantage….


Look for the course to be released June 2022