Meta says Reels are rolling out to the FB feed globally and sweetened the deal with announcements for some helpful creative and scheduling features!

Not only will you be able to create and schedule Facebook Reels on desktop in the near future, you’ll be able to seamlessly edit clips from your published long-form videos right into a FB reel via Creator Studio.

Instagram Reels is getting updates and fun new features, too. Expanded 90-second Reels will give you more time to deliver a complete message, and a number of popular Stories stickers will soon be available for IG Reels.

But note that Tiktok TikTok is building a number of new features, including Bitmoji-like avatars, keyword filtering for the For You Page, group chats, audio-only livestreams, screen sharing on livestreams and Twitch-like subscription features, which would allow creators to make subscriber-only emotes and subscriber-only comment sections.  TikTok is adding a new feature that will allow users to credit video creators and trend originators. By allowing users to tag, mention and credit a video in posts, it will encourage people to credit their sources of inspiration.