It’s important to note that as of October 2022, you can only access these content creation tools in the LinkedIn mobile app. LinkedIn product managers have indicated that the mobile rollout is just a starting point so these features may be available on desktop in the future.

If you’ve used Facebook’s post backgrounds before, LinkedIn’s post templates will look familiar. LinkedIn post templates allow you to swap out the standard white background for a colorful or patterned background.Similar to Facebook post backgrounds, LinkedIn post templates give you options for creating more eye-catching copy. Post templates support text-based content but they aren’t compatible with other visual elements like images, videos, or documents.
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You can now create events on the platform – whether is it a video event or a live event.  You don’t need a business profile either which is something that all platforms don’t do – so this is definitely something brand new for a social media app.

Here is why you should NOT use Instagram for your business; in simple terms:

a close examination of their policies indicates that users can use copyrighted audio from the Instagram music library which includes music from films, TV shows etc, as long as they are attributed or linked to the artist and includes the name of the track. However, audio tracks can become muted as a result of changes made to agreements between the platform and music rights holders.  But that’s the catch… you are trying to make money on the platform and out of nowhere the music rights change causing your video to be muted or the music removed.  This also happens on Tiktok as well.  But IG is having to respond to another set of competitors who are more quietly beginning to nip at its heels.

Increasingly, Instagram influencers are encouraging their most avid followers to meet up with each other on other platforms, such as Discord, Patreon, Telegram and an up-and-coming app, Geneva, where they can have deeper online discussions or pay to get access to bonus content. This means that in the next 6 months, IG is going to be trying to compete with this, leaving small businesses and alike out in the cold.  They have already denied that photos don’t get less love in the algorithm, and that they are working on to address the imbalance.  But one thing that they STILL have not worked on is security.  They are the MOST HACKED app!

Tiktok is ORIGINAL content while IG is basically recycled content.

If you want to make it in the world of video, the best app to use is Tiktok. But be aware that their AI is not the greatest either.

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