As we sit here on December 13, 2022 I find myself thinking about what I have learned and the lessons I take with me into 2023 about social media.

  1. I am 10x happier without Instagram.  As most know I was hacked through my apple ID back in April and nor Facebook or IG ever helped me get my account back.  They continued to allow the hacker to keep hacking accounts and showed just how they lack security.  This is why today Instagram is the most hacked app. Yet they have pretty good security on Facebook that they don’t implement on IG- is basically mindblowing to me.
    1a. Instagram also DOES NOT care about creators.  They though today are still imploding so they give creators an incentive to stay, kind of like how dating apps had those fake winks or messages as if someone was interested in you to keep you on the app. IG is doing the same thing with fake engagement and paying creators to just stay put.  Instagram is the app that ruins teenagers, especially females with it’s filters and falseness, causing young girls to think they are not pretty enough, sexy enough, smart enough, etc. If you haven’t stopped using the app, I seriously would, especially if you have a business. IN a blink of an eye, everything you worked for can be gone if you are hacked let alone everything on this app is recycled content. NO one has nor will create ANYTHING original on this app.
  2. With the purchase of Twitter,  Elon Musk has proven just how corrupt and sinister, Twitter was before he purchased it. I have seen folks be more carefree on Twitter, not afraid to give their opinions in dear of being suspended or deleted. Self-expression on Twitter is what makes Twitter a fun app. It’s also about creating engaging content and having conversation. I have met some amazing folks from Twitter this year and I look forward to meeting even more people from this app as well as continuing my friendships with those with whom I met.  One last thing, if you are looking for love, look on Twitter. Here you are free to be yourself, have open discussions with folks publicly and not everything needs to taken into the DMs.  Of course you can have private conversations as not everything should be public, but listen, if someone can flirt with you on a public forum for everyone to see, don’t you think that person is real enough to have a relationship with?  Sliding into DMs doesn’t make the relationship, actually after you meet if all he or she is doing is sliding into your DMs, don’t you think they are doing that with others as well?
  3. Pinterest had the formula for creators and actually paid them pretty well, and then… boom. Cut it off for no real true reason. Pinterest said that it is closing this program “in order to focus on other creator programs and features.” But the real reason was because of layoffs. Pinterest which employed 3,975 people in October, won’t get into specifics on how many cuts were made, which were limited to recruiting and appear much more narrow than the mass layoffs at competitors like Snap and Meta Platforms. They have introduced going LIVE on Pinterest to some users who get to try it out in beta, but other than that, there is nothing new from this platform to report.
  4. Tiktok is still a great app. It has a awesome creator tools, editing tools, and the only downfall for this app is that you can’t go live unless you had 1,000 followers and you need 10k to make money on the app.  But this app is the the best when it comes to creating videos.
  5. Youtube is back baby!  This year with the release of shorts taking over, and having them also allow you to create a user name, have a community, and post pictures to the platform, they are getting back on top. They do pay creators but with this app, you only need a 1k which is reasonable.  Other than the normal stupidity the app has with the constant “Copyright Claims” on music that is ALREADY used in their app, the app is getting better and better to use.
  6. LinkedIn has tried its best in 2022 to stay relevant and they have tried to pay creators, which is still confusing as to how they decide who is eligible, businesses have flourished using the app.
  7. Finally what I have learned about social media is pretty much what we all already know. First off, like it or not, it’s not going away. Living at least part of your life online is becoming “the new normal,” and being able to navigate and work within it is today’s inescapable reality. But is social media to blame for some of the mental health issues people battle these days? The answer appears to be, well, yes and no. It can leave the person on the other end feeling manipulated, unsafe, exposed, and worried about their online reputation. We have catfishing, cyberbullying, post shaming, harassment, unsolicited pornography, etc.  Then of course we have screenshots of what other people said and then people breaking it down assuming they know what this person meant by it, and so forth.  People who get jealous, salty, envious of others tend to try and break those people down. We have classic arguments of people yelling back and forth about sports, politics, and just about anything.  But even so with all that negativity, we also see how social media has brought people together and has brought some positivity to our lives.
    There is motivation, inspiration, and enthusiasm within some profiles online. Social media helps people strengthen their relationships, create new connections, and find social support in tough times.  Social media has promoted better healthy habits. The basic idea is this: your friends, their friends, and their friend’s friends all indirectly influence your actions.   Folks change their minds about how much they should be exercising or they share stories with other friends who are influenced to do the same. You either change your behavior or you transmit information about the behavior to others, who change their behavior.  That can be a very uplifting and positive experience! Social media also strengthens professional connections, and helps the spread of knowledge. As I do here with social media marketing, it has totally changed how the marketing game is played. Real-life interaction will always be better, but it’s nice to know that you can create lasting friendships, romances, and businesses through the use of social media.*** Check out my new site where you can buy creative content directly from me ***Here’s to a happy and healthy 2023.

    I will be back then to talk more about the new tools for platforms, how to develop creative content, and everything from A to Z about social media.