Social Media Marketing does not have to be frustrating or confusing as to how to get potential customer’s eyes on your content.  Here are some tips to consider.

1- Hashtags
There’s NO reason to use 30 of them ANYWHERE! First off, they are NOT the only reason people get your content on their feeds. Secondly, it makes the post look desperate, sloppy and tacky.  On Facebook, LinkedIn, X, IG and Pinterest.. use up to 5 at most. On Tiktok the most I have seen that is best is 3 the most you should use is 7

You can use the SAME content across the board, BUT you need to SWITCH up your captions that work on each platform.  Think about it as writing KEYWORDS that each platform looks for the move your content to the top of the feed.  Plus use hashtags that are best for the particular platform you are using as will.
Remember, videos are what each audience is craving. 30 seconds does the best.  Make it entertaining. Make it fun to watch WHILE educating your customers. Don’t make it boring or all about your sales pitch. The first 3 seconds will determine if people will watch it AND that counts as a view.

3-Repurpose Content
If you take a ton of photos at 1 particular event- don’t post them all! First off, on Facebook especially, no one is going to click the box that says +11 photos and look at them.  I tell my clients to pick the best 3 photos and then write a great caption. Also, if you want it to look a little bit more clean download the Instagram Layout app on your phone and put the pictures you want to post- you can put up to six.  Then you can move them around and edit them a little bit. They’ll look a little bit crisper and then you can share that from your phone to ANY platform.

4- There are no guarantees

I NEVER guarantee anything when it comes to social media marketing.  I can’t guarantee businesses will gain clients through the use of social media. I can only tell them that  social media is for brand awareness.
I can’t also guarantee ROI with ads because you don’t know exactly who is actually going to see that and even if you target a certain audience you aren’t guaranteed that target audience is going to get the ad.5- Things Change ConstantlySocial media changes constantly. What worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow. Also know what is trending, and see if you can in some way hop on the trend.  Don’t post for the algorithm, post content that is engaging and that your audience wants to see.  Test out content on each platform to see what your audience wants to see and then make that type of content.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about social media, brand awareness, and content creation.