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23 Jun Twitter, Instagram and Youtube All making Waves This Summer

Successful advertising used to be all about artistic creativity and financial muscle. In today's world, it's all about data, analytics, and  algorithms. Influencer marketing is a significant and fast-growing section of the social media marketing industry. Brands have been hit hard due to Covid-19. We...

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12 Jun Surprise – More changes coming to your favorite platforms

If you haven't been on social media for awhile and decided to take a break, here's what changes are coming to the platforms. For businesses and entrepreneurs who started making masks, Facebook is allowing you to now do Ads.  Now the ban will only apply to...

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31 Dec Here are tips for the 3 most used social media sites: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

TWITTER: 1- Tweet daily. If you’re not consistently posting content your followers will lose interest. 2- Use hashtags to get your posts noticed. But whatever #you #do don’t stuff #your #tweets with them. It’s annoying. 3-Include imagery in your tweets where possible. People are much more likely to share...

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