After the mass shift to working from home by the pandemic over eighteen months ago, the vast majority of business people are now well acquainted with using web conferencing services – so the market for events of this kind has never been bigger. Although focused on launching audio for now, reports have surfaced that – video events will be coming to LinkedIn in spring.

“We want to make it easier to host virtual round tables, fireside chats, and more. Some may want the event to be more formal, or less formal. Some might want to communicate with their audience, to open up to the floor. We’re giving professionals interactivity and support”
The huge volumes of people who used Linkedin Live – a video feature created by the platform – as a motivating factor behind the decision.

Then there is Instagram, who as I type this are testing out vertical stories in Turkey. YEs, it would be similar to TikTok – but Instagram would prefer that users would use vertical videos in stories and not photographs. The Meta-owned company is also testing new ways to sort the feed and even an option to edit the profile grid the way you want it. However, it’s unclear when (or if) these features will become available to all users.

A Tip to digital creators on Instagram: Check to see which brands have already approved you for Branded Content. You’ll be surprised when you go and find out there you have businesses that have approved you but they are either not listed in the correct place or they are listed under Branded content tools.

For those who get stalked by people on Instagram, there was a woman who was arrested for creating 17 other accounts, trying to frame her ex-boyfriend that he was harassing her. It revealed at least 17 accounts were created using her email addresses linked to IP addresses connected to her home phone and cellphone. She stated her ex-boyfriend Mr. Jolly was hassling her, but to make the police believe it, she sent false messages to the police so that they would take it seriously. She was sentenced to ten months in prison and a ten-year restraining order. This is a warning that some folks don’t realize that these records can be found and that all your accounts you create are attached to you in some way or form. This is why stalking people online is not a good idea and if you can take anything from this story, take the fact that even if you use another IP address, the FBI will still be able to link the accounts to you in some way.

If only Novak Djokovic had kept his mouth shut.
This is why social media and athletes don’t mix. Another tall-tale.
Throughout all of last year, the world’s No.1 tennis player was quiet about his vaccination status. He insisted he was not anti-vax, only opposed to mandatory vaccination. Wherever asked, he refused to say whether he’d had the vaccine. Then he posts stuff on Twitter and Instagram that led to his headache this past month in Australia.
The moral of the story is this: Social Media is NOT a diary nor do people need to know your feelings or thoughts on MANY subjects. It’s a place to be SOCIAL and NETWORK, but it is no means a place to let everyone know EVERYTHING.

Finally, Twitter Space enables recording for all users
To create a Spaces Recording, Hosts will need to toggle on ‘Record Space’ prior to launching a new Space. All participants will see a recording icon appear when they enter the Space indicating that the Space is being recorded. Most recently, Twitter also released a new feature called ‘Quote tweet with reaction’. The feature is similar to the Reels Reply on Instagram that was launched recently and allows users to reply to Reels by making their own short video. The feature is called Reels Visual Replies and will help creators reply to comments on their posts with their own unique style. Reels Virtual Replies will help Instagram to increase engagement on the platform. The Twitter reaction via video seems to be inspired by the feature on Instagram.