If you knew how hard it was to A) think of marketing ideas and then B) make them into posts for your social media, I think businesses would be less critical of their social media managers and more aware of how this job is thankless.

There are so many times I have seen, and experienced, businesses complain about what social media managers post and yet they never are appreciative of what was posted! If you can be critical you can also show appreciation to the content that is posted for your business.  Seriously, it is not that hard.

This is why my company is getting away from managing social media and coaching businesses and individuals HOW to use each platform, HOW to create content, and HOW to post it to get the most engagement.

When I coach clients, I help them not only understand that platform, how to create the content, but I create a content calendar for the client so he/she can stay on task.  I  also email/test tips each week.

IF you are interested in coaching which is a contract for 6 months ( at least) for $200 EACH month…

Please reach out sassybooks07@gmail.com